The Truth About Probiotics

Microbiome research continues to blossom to the great delight of the curious, constipated, and the bloated.  Anyone suffering from gut dysbiosis and microbiota imbalances revels in the new knowledge that points us all closer to a realm of relief. Since the initial dive into the human microbiota back in the 17th century, researchers and bowel-enthusiasts alike continue unmasking links between the biome of our guts … Continue reading The Truth About Probiotics

Falling in Love with an Older Man. And Carrots.

I stay open to changing my mind. I plan to keep changing my mind and admitting I don’t know, especially when it comes to nutritional research and “diets.”  I will not pretend to have the answers. However, I promise to have many ideas.   At this point, I’ve checked off every possible diet, from raw fruitarian to strict carnivore. I have ignored cues and cravings from … Continue reading Falling in Love with an Older Man. And Carrots.

How the Carnivore Diet Can Heal Your Gut & Brain

“The true method of knowledge is experiment.” —William Blake When Joe Rogan interviewed Dr. Shawn Baker back in 2017 about only eating meat for two years straight, increasing numbers of people began chatting about–and trying–the now somewhat trendy carnivore diet.   Since then, a cult-like following has developed on Instagram and Facebook as they share miraculous stories turning around medical conditions deemed unsolvable by traditional western … Continue reading How the Carnivore Diet Can Heal Your Gut & Brain

How I do Less and Choose Rest

Our culture often celebrates those with overflowing schedules.  We are addicted to the caffeine-fueled, GO GO GO mentality, bowing down to busy-ness, impressive resumes, and those superhuman individuals that seem to always get things done.  See more.  Buy more. Work more.  Travel more. Detox more.  More movement.  More juice. MORE GREENS! More yoga! More meditation!  Everything in moderation, except for doing more.  More is better, … Continue reading How I do Less and Choose Rest