Insomnia, Liver Function, & Stress

“At night, I can’t sleep. In the morning, I can’t wake up.” —Unknown After many years of treating symptoms, taking supplements, drinking teas and guzzling tinctures, following rigid healing diets, counting macros and still laying in bed, wide awake, I much prefer to start with the root cause when I can.  I like to experiment until the gears click, taking what I learn from every … Continue reading Insomnia, Liver Function, & Stress

Wifi, 5G, and Health: Are EMFs Dangerous?

Yes, some of them have the potential to be. It is pretty clear that overexposure to x-rays or even excessive UV light can have worrisome effects.  But what about the gadgets we carry with us and the fancy laptops that allow my fingers to type out this post? What about 5G? Since the 1950s, we have worried about the effects of “EMFs” on human health.  … Continue reading Wifi, 5G, and Health: Are EMFs Dangerous?