Falling in Love with an Older Man. And Carrots.

I stay open to changing my mind. I plan to keep changing my mind and admitting I don’t know, especially when it comes to nutritional research and “diets.”  I will not pretend to have the answers. However, I promise to have many ideas.   At this point, I’ve checked off every possible diet, from raw fruitarian to strict carnivore. I have ignored cues and cravings from … Continue reading Falling in Love with an Older Man. And Carrots.

Milk Powder Pancakes

Just two months ago, I was blending up leftover cooked beef or rotisserie chicken and eggs to make something that sort of resembled pancakes. Meat-cakes!  With a splash of maple syrup and a dollop of butter, they weren’t half bad. They even looked like the real deal, and browned up quite nicely, only tasting somewhat suspicious if you thought too long about the ingredients.  Over … Continue reading Milk Powder Pancakes