Insomnia, Liver Function, & Stress

“At night, I can’t sleep. In the morning, I can’t wake up.” —Unknown After many years of treating symptoms, taking supplements, drinking teas and guzzling tinctures, following rigid healing diets, counting macros and still laying in bed, wide awake, I much prefer to start with the root cause when I can.  I like to experiment until the gears click, taking what I learn from every … Continue reading Insomnia, Liver Function, & Stress

Can We Talk About Poop?

Is there anything as satisfying, as relieving, as energizing as a complete bowel movement? To this day, I haven’t found a better road to immediate, physiological joy.   A functioning bowel: a true gift, a true delight!  Worthy of daily celebration, I could argue. Aside from the immediate boost in energy, a complete and regular emptying of the bowel is absolutely critical for overall health.  When … Continue reading Can We Talk About Poop?

The Truth About Probiotics

Microbiome research continues to blossom to the great delight of the curious, constipated, and the bloated.  Anyone suffering from gut dysbiosis and microbiota imbalances revels in the new knowledge that points us all closer to a realm of relief. Since the initial dive into the human microbiota back in the 17th century, researchers and bowel-enthusiasts alike continue unmasking links between the biome of our guts … Continue reading The Truth About Probiotics

Wifi, 5G, and Health: Are EMFs Dangerous?

Yes, some of them have the potential to be. It is pretty clear that overexposure to x-rays or even excessive UV light can have worrisome effects.  But what about the gadgets we carry with us and the fancy laptops that allow my fingers to type out this post? What about 5G? Since the 1950s, we have worried about the effects of “EMFs” on human health.  … Continue reading Wifi, 5G, and Health: Are EMFs Dangerous?

Is Your Thyroid Making You Sick?

Let’s talk about the under-appreciated thyroid, baby! While diving in to pro-metabolic nutrition, mysterious gut dysbiosis, and getting to the root cause of cases involving chronic, complex disease, the thyroid and its far-reaching function weaves throughout the stories.  Like a flashy gold thread against a black cloth, it asks for our attention. Swimming in the work of Danny Roddy, Dr. Ray Peat, Georgi Dinkov, Emma … Continue reading Is Your Thyroid Making You Sick?

How to Dissolve Stress with your Breath

“It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it” ― Hans Selye, The Stress of Life I’m on a journey toward bowel freedom. Would you like to join me?  I imagine eating whatever I want, digesting it with ease, feeling energetic and eager to play after meals, and having bountiful, beautiful, bowel movements upon rising each morning.  Doesn’t that sound dreamy? … Continue reading How to Dissolve Stress with your Breath

When Fiber is Not Your Friend

America is a constipated nation…. If you pass small stools, you have to have large hospitals. – Denis Burkitt Constipated? Bloated, swollen, and gassy? Foggy brain and feeling awful? Haven’t pooped in 6 days? Haven’t pooped in over a week? The sun is shining but the fatigue makes you just want to stay in bed, forever? Eating the “perfect” diet but still feel like a … Continue reading When Fiber is Not Your Friend

Oysters for Nutrition and Perspective

Smoked oysters have found a home in my heart.   I’ve always swooned for them raw on the half shell, squeezed with lemon and enjoyed in the sunshine with a loved one.  I save those moments for special occasions or the rare event I’m eating out when my mom comes to visit. Nowadays, I open the can, drain off the olive oil, sprinkle them in flaky … Continue reading Oysters for Nutrition and Perspective

Why I Put a Hose in my Butt

I never expected to make an appointment with a stranger that involved taking off my pants and willingly placing a plastic hose in my butt.  I definitely did not envision filling up my intestines with gallons of water, repeatedly, while they massaged my engorged belly and then, with the person I’d met only moments earlier, watch the undigested, weeks old sludge come rushing out of … Continue reading Why I Put a Hose in my Butt